how I became a member of a successful Noida Escorts agency

Hello everyone. I am Jasmine (not my real name, of course), a young 23-year-old girl working as a very popular Delhi escort. I come from a lower-middle-class family with 4 siblings and a father with a very modest income as a teacher in a government school. Today, I am living a comfortable life with a decent income. But there was a time when even my necessities were hard to fulfill. Today I will reveal my story as to how I entered this profession.

Noida Escort based in Delhi

Though I am listed as a top-notch escort in Nodia, I live in Delhi. The reason I preferred Noida over Delhi is that there is cut-throat competition in this industry in the capital. There is a great demand for beautiful and sexy girls among the clients in Noida. There was a time not so long ago when Noida was not so developed. 

But today, it is a world-class city with a very modern infrastructure. Also, Noida is well connected to Delhi through Metro trains and so I never face any difficulty in visiting my clients staying in hotels in Noida.

My friend helped me in becoming a Noida escort

I was studying in college when I noticed a girl named Amita flaunting her expensive clothes and jewelry. I was envious of her clothes and accessories as it was beyond my dreams to think of these items. Amita was a kind-hearted girl who noticed my misery and asked me if I would like to own such luxurious items. 

When I replied in the affirmative, she told me that I could earn a lot of money by spending some time in the company of men desirous of some fun during their stay in Noida. She did not hide anything from me and told me that she worked as a Noida escort. She told me that it was very easy to join this industry and that she was free to work as much as she wanted.

My good looks and a curvy figure helped me to become a successful Noida escort

Amita told me that I had all the qualities to become a very classy escort. She helped me in improving my looks by taking me to a beauty parlor where I received a modern hairstyle. She also gave me money to buy some stylish clothes to look sexy and appealing to my clients. I couldn't believe my eyes after my makeup as I was looking so hot and sexy. 

Amita advised me how to walk and behave in front of men to cast a magical spell on their senses. Amita even got me registered with a popular and reliable Noida escorts agency to begin my career as an escort. This was how my job as an escort started.

I have not told my family about my job as an escort and I have only said that I work in a call center where I work morning and night shifts. I am living a happy life as this job gives me a good amount of money and the liberty to work as much as I want.


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